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AIDS conference

At the end of the AIDS conference, as a VSO participant I should reflect on how well our profile and our priority issues were addressed during the conference, and what should happen next. It has been an exciting event to be part of, and I know from our staff debrief meeting on Thursday that all of… Read more »

AIDS 2012 Conference needs to deal with the realities of living with HIV

I must confess that as late as Sunday, as the International AIDS Conference (IAC) was opened officially, I kept on asking myself what would be new in this conference that people do not know already.  No, I am not a snob and neither can I say I know everything that is ‘out there’ on… Read more »

The long road to the African Union Conference

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.” This proverb came to life as I sought VSO’s inclusion in the launch of the African Women’s Decade (AWD) organised by the African Union (AU) on 11–14 October in Nairobi, Kenya.

Working with the AU has been at the… Read more »