12:59 07/09/2010
Teacher with pupil

Happy World Teachers’ Day

I love my job and I enjoy what I do in VSO as a policy and advocacy adviser for education.  But when I receive letters and cards from my former students wishing me “Happy World Teachers’ Day”, I suddenly become nostalgic of my time as a teacher.

Whatever job I do, I must confess that on… Read more »


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Workshop for MPs from the East African Community

As I write this blog, a 3-day workshop that started on 17 April, is taking place for members of parliament from the East African Legislative assembly and Kenya Women Parliamentary Association to discuss HIV and AIDS care and support issues. VSO Jitolee organised this workshop.

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AIDS conference

At the end of the AIDS conference, as a VSO participant I should reflect on how well our profile and our priority issues were addressed during the conference, and what should happen next. It has been an exciting event to be part of, and I know from our staff debrief meeting on Thursday that all of… Read more »

Conflicting emotions at the conference

Tuesday evening – I’m writing this at the end of another stimulating and passionate day at the International AIDS conference. The conference is huge in all respects, and exhausting. Whilst I am resting my sore feet and writing this message, other VSO staff and thousands of other activists are on a human rights march through Vienna, being… Read more »