12:59 07/09/2010
Baroness Viviene Stern at COVAW. Copyright COVAW

Working with Members of Parliament

For anybody involved in advocacy, the opportunity of engaging directly with policy makers, especially Members of Parliament (MPs), is like hitting the jackpot! So when parliamentarians offer to volunteer (polvols), they are actually ushering us closer to the jackpot. And that is exactly what Baroness Vivien Stern did when she volunteered at the… Read more »


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Planting the seeds of climate change work

On my recent trip to Nigeria and Kenya I saw how VSO’s climate change work has a potential to deliver much greater assistance to those facing the impacts of climate change.

Building Nigeria’s Response to Climate Change (BNRCC) is the most comprehensive climate change programme we have undertaken. It was clear… Read more »

Making sense of climate change – mitigation

Mitigation. Adaptation. Low carbon development….
These terms get thrown around by those who work on climate change as if everybody understood what they mean. But people who aren’t climate activists may not  understand these terms, and how they relate to each other.

As VSO prepares to increase our work related to climate change I’ll present… Read more »

Making sense of climate change – adaptation

In my last post I wrote about mitigation. In this post, I’ll talk about adataption.

Adaptation is more complicated. It involves strategies, an ongoing process, to ensure that people are not as affected by the climate hazards they face. For example, in places that are getting hotter and drier, capturing rainwater for… Read more »