12:59 07/09/2010
VSO India's Praveen Kumar at CIVICUS conference

CIVICUS day 3 – Volunteerism and citizen participation

On the final day the of the CIVICUS conference we explored global decision-making and how we can bring civil society and citizens’ voices from the margins to the centre (especially with social media).

VSO and UN Volunteers along with CIVICUS, hosted a very successful workshop to show how volunteerism… Read more »

12:59 07/09/2010
Man in a field

CIVICUS day 2 – Model Forest and climate justice

Climate justice is one of the themes of the CIVICUS World Assembly. The question for those fighting for climate justice is how to connect up local voices to the global decision-making stage. VSO/CUSO-VSO led a workshop on Model Forest projects to explore best practice and share lessons learned.

In Cameroon there… Read more »

12:59 07/09/2010
Volunteer and villagers in Kenya

Acting together for a just world

I’m happy to be in Montreal this week for the 10th anniversary of the CIVICUS World Assembly – a global gathering of civil society to promote their ethos “acting together for a just world”. This year’s theme is ‘Civil Society and Global Decision-Making: doing it better’.

I started the day with my colleagues… Read more »


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Working against injustice in Bangladesh

Over the last few years VSO in Bangladesh has been working for the decentralisation of local government, to make it more effective for marginalised and poor people in rural areas.

A few weeks ago, I helped run a seminar – ‘Decentralisation of local government: the Bangladesh context’ – at the South Asia Social Forum in… Read more »

Bridging the gap between traditional and formal governance in Bangladesh

VSO Bangladesh has recently carried out reasearch to look at how local governance systems can be adjusted in areas of the country where ethnic minorities form the majority of the population. Working with youth clubs and community groups in these areas, our partners report that there is a mismatch between formal and traditional governance systems… Read more »

Developing a climate change strategy

I visited Bangadesh as part of my work to develop VSO‘s climate change strategy to learn more about VSO Bangladesh’s priorities and to visit project partners along the coastal south-west of Bangladesh.

My first impression of Bangladesh is probably similar to others’ who have visited. Dhaka, is intense and chaotic. A… Read more »