12:59 07/09/2010
Valuing Volunteering Training at the Institute of Development Studies

Valuing Volunteering one step closer to becoming reality

If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than the Institute for Development Studies (IDS). After an intense week of training spent in mid-January, I left more than inspired about the value of volunteering. I was joined by a few more VSO staff members and two outgoing VSO volunteers, all of… Read more »

12:59 07/09/2010
Civil society organisations demonstrators in Kenya

Fund the Fund – now!

Excuse me for sounding like a broken record regarding the Global Fund (Global Fund on AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM))!

My updates from the International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA) dwelt on this issue and here is some more; it’s just that it is a serious issue, literally a matter… Read more »


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Give rural women more opportunities and more rights

It almost goes without saying that rural women have a vital role to play in the development of their communities and efforts to tackle poverty. They make up the majority of small holder farmers worldwide and are responsible for 80% of global food production. Rural women also undertake the majority of unpaid labour intensive household… Read more »

Rural women’s vision for development

In my last blog on the 56th Session of the Commission of the Status of Women (CSW), I wrote about how rural women are often marginalised from decision making and are consequently the silent voices of rural development.

VSO partner, the Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD), is… Read more »

Behind the scenes at the UN- my week raising women’s voices in the Post 2015 process

Volunteer Elles Blanken finds out what it is really like to work and speak at the UN, and has 120 seconds in which to sum up a plea to bolster women’s decision-making power through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The sound of frantic ticking on laptops is all around me in the public area… Read more »