12:59 07/09/2010
Youth club members at the open meeting event in Bangladesh

Youth raising their voices with Members of Parliament

Climate change affects all members of society in Bangladesh and VSO works with youth clubs in Bangladesh to find ways to combat the effects climate change.

In January we organised an open sharing event which involved four youth club members from Khagrachari presenting case studies to Members of Parliament from All… Read more »


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Workshop for MPs from the East African Community

As I write this blog, a 3-day workshop that started on 17 April, is taking place for members of parliament from the East African Legislative assembly and Kenya Women Parliamentary Association to discuss HIV and AIDS care and support issues. VSO Jitolee organised this workshop.

The two key objectives of the… Read more »

Volunteers for a healthy community

Should development agencies support community health volunteers or only advocate for fully trained health professionals? Should village health workers be paid or not? What circumstances create a successful community health worker programme? VSO has published a new Position Paper on Community Health Volunteering to help answer questions like these. The paper draws on… Read more »

AIDS 2012 Conference needs to deal with the realities of living with HIV

I must confess that as late as Sunday, as the International AIDS Conference (IAC) was opened officially, I kept on asking myself what would be new in this conference that people do not know already.  No, I am not a snob and neither can I say I know everything that is ‘out there’ on… Read more »