12:59 07/09/2010
silent warriors blog

Mongolia’s silent warriors

Last week I had a conversation with Debra McDaniel, a returned VSO volunteer. Speaking on the phone to me from her family home in the USA, she did what any great communicator does: with confidence, experience and initiative, she made me believe in the cause of people that I had never met and whose situation… Read more »

12:59 07/09/2010
VSO Ethiopia trip

Value for money and advocacy

I am leaving VSO this week after five years working on international advocacy. As I clear my desk I have been thinking about some of the unanswered challenges – and the greatest of these is ‘value for money’. I have been asked many times how we can prove the effectiveness of our work. If we… Read more »

12:59 07/09/2010
Swechha street performance in Delhi

Something to shout about: India’s Right to Education Act

VSO has worked with Delhi-based youth organisation Swechha for many years. We have provided them with long-term volunteers and youth volunteers as part of the International Citizen Service. Vedika Jiandani, Youth Action Supervisor at Swechha tells us about the recent campaigns her organisation has been working on.

Three years ago India officially recognised education… Read more »


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From PNG to SDGs: Raising women’s voices at the UN

From the jungles of Papua New Guinea to the concrete jungle of Manhattan, Dutch VSO  volunteer Elles Blanken starts her series of blog posts about travelling to the UN this week to speak at the Intergovernmental Negotiations on the Post 2015 Framework.

All of a sudden I find myself in the middle of the buzz of… Read more »

Youth raising their voices with Members of Parliament

Climate change affects all members of society in Bangladesh and VSO works with youth clubs in Bangladesh to find ways to combat the effects climate change.

In January we organised an open sharing event which involved four youth club members from Khagrachari presenting case studies to Members of Parliament from All… Read more »

IVCO Lima sees collective commitment to push for volunteerism in post-2015 agenda

What do we want the world to look like in 2030? In a little over a year, the global community will have arrived at a definitive answer. As the leading international development organisation that uses volunteers to bring about sustainable global change, VSO is leading the charge to ensure that the power ofRead more »