12:59 07/09/2010
Wiza Chilongo and a patient

All the Talents – skill-mixing to improve global health services

In the UK, 13 years ago, it would have been unheard of for a nurse to write a prescription. Today there are hundreds of additional healthcare professionals who can prescribe medicines and are providing a greater level of patient care, proving the initial media pessimism wrong.

This point was made at the UK Parliamentary report… Read more »

12:59 07/09/2010
ICASA logo

Men who have sex with men often overlooked in Africa HIV and AIDS policies

Earlier this week I represented VSO at a conference about men who have sex with men and HIV in Africa. This was part of the annual ICASA (All-Africa AIDS Conference) pre-conference so had good attendance from important global decision makers. Very few international NGOs were present, and I was proud to demonstrate that… Read more »

12:59 07/09/2010
Health workers in Malawi

Malawi’s health workforce programme moves beyond emergency stage

The UK Department for International Development (DFID) and the Government of Malawi recently carried out an evaluation of the Emergency Human Resources Programme (ERHP) in Malawi. DFID is a major funding partner of EHRP and much of VSO’s health programme in Malawi in recent years has been funded under… Read more »


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The simple reason you are richer than 493 million women

At least one in ten people around the world cannot read or write. Of the 774 million illiterate adults, approximately two thirds are women. The vast majority of them are living in developing countries.

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Not alone: Nepalese girls share experiences of violence

Young women and girls bear the brunt of violence that continues to simmer at the community level in Nepal. Adolescents who live with this violence were brought together by a consortium of organisations including VSO to learn from each other’s experiences at the Girl Power Conference in Kathmandu. VSO volunteer Dianne Dijkstra reportsRead more »

Poverty and climate change

On International Mother Earth Day, VSO volunteer Marije contributes a blog about her experiences in Malawi, climate change, and how we can begin to tackle this international issue within the communities it is affecting now.

My name is Marije, a Dutch ecologist and VSO volunteer working as climate change coordinator in the Nsanje district of… Read more »